Using the Spindel Laundry Dryer has been a winter lifesaver!

The very fact that I’m actually able to type a blog post feels like a small miracle in itself. Baby Rio Cooper came screaming into the world on June 3, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I’m literally typing this with him sleeping on my lap! But it there is one product to get me out of my post-birth blogging hiatus, it’s the Spindel Laundry Dryer. Man, this thing is a lifesaver!

spindel laundry dryer

Introducing the Spindel Laundry Dryer

No one tells you how many clothes a tiny little human goes through in a day, let alone a week! Plus, Cape Town has had a lot of rain lately. Using the Spindel has made the laundry load much more manageable, and we’re able to get the clothes dry so much quicker. And we all know that with a baby, time is everything!

The Spindel is a specialist laundry dryer which is able to airdry laundry a lot quicker than it normally would. The Spindel spins at 2800rpm – double the spin power of most washing machines. Because of this you’d think it’s noisy and cumbersome but rather it’s relatively quiet and has a very slimline design. This is something very important when you live in an apartment where space is everything!

How it works

With the Spindel you basically just pop your clothes in it after their usual wash in the machine, and leave it running for around three minutes. Just make sure to place a little bowl at the bottom to catch all the water that comes out. It’s really surprising how much water is retained in the clothing post wash. I find ‘heavier’ items such as hoodies and pants to carry a lot of excess water.

spindel dryer

Water collected from the Spindel in three minutes!

Once the clothes have been in the Spindel for a few minutes, you can place them on the washing line or in the tumble dryer. By using the machine, you lessen the amount of time your clothes need to dry. This is great since we all know in winter it can take clothes hours and hours to dry and sometimes they still feel damp.

Features of the Spindel:

  • Spins at 2800rpm – twice as fast as a tumble dryer
  • Removes up to 80% of moisture from laundry in just 3 minutes
  • Uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying
  • No heat damage, stretching or shrinking
  • Safe for all fabrics – even hand washed delicates such as woollen jerseys
  • Removes residual detergents that can damage fabrics, fade colours and cause skin allergies

We are SO glad to have the Spindel in these rainy Cape Town months!! Absolute newborn must-have.


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