Our favorite sunscreen this summer- Avene SPF50+ Spray

Welcome to the first post of 2020! We’re still enjoying the summer sun even if now it is after work and on the weekends only.. back to reality! Throughout the summer Cam and myself spent a lot of time outdoors. Ranging from beach days, to braais to walks in an attempt to burn off all the festive calories. Being a skincare enthusiast I’m obviously a HUGE believer in wearing sunscreen – and this summer there was one sunscreen in particular that was a favorite for both Cam and myself. And that was none other than the Avene SPF50+ Spray.

Avene SPF 50 Spray Sincerely Blonde

Nothing better than summery beach days!

Now I’ve long been a fan of all Avene products (you can read more here) and have dabbled in their facial sunscreens before. However, until now I’d actually never tried any of their body sunscreens. On one of our beach trips we threw the Avene SPF50+ in our beach bag and it literally became our go-to for the entire December.

What we love about the Avene SPF50+ Spray

First off- the nozzle. Avene have done away with caps and have replaced it with a twist nozzle. This has two main benefits – one, it’s environmentally friendly SO many caps get lost and end up in the ocean. And secondly – it’s so convenient. Not only do you not have to worry about a lid, but we are know that lids are complete sand magnets! Having a twist function completely eliminates sand buildup and keeps the bottle clean and sunscreen-residue free!

Avene SPF 50 Spray Sincerely Blonde

Secondly – the formula which is suitable for all types of sensitive skin. Avene are known for their soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water and all their sunscreens are full of it! It contains Sunsitive® protection with new Thialidine & Pre-tocopheryl antioxidant complex. In addition, it has a new Hydra-Protective texture which promises an immediate and long-lasting sensation of comfort with an anti-dryness effect and six hours of hydration.

And on a more practical level – the formula absorbs super quickly and doesn’t leave an annoying white cast. Additionally it also smells really great – it doesn’t have that traditional sunscreen smell at all!

All of these above factors made it the perfect ‘family’ sunscreen. It’s as suitable for myself lying in the sun reading a book as it is for Cam doing sports, swimming and even flying.

Avene SPF 50 Spray Sincerely Blonde

The easy swivel lid is so handy!

Avene also cares about our oceans!

I also take comfort in supporting a brand that cares so much about the environment. Many ingredients found in sunscreens and certain sun filters are not biodegradable. They can eventually be assimilated by corals and other marine organisms, which can have a very harmful impact on marine ecosystems.

Since 2013, Eau Thermale Avène Sun Care has been developed in line with a very strict formulation charter. This is done with a mission to provide the best sun protection, whilst minimizing their environmental impact

If you’d like to read more: Skin Protect Ocean Respect 


The 200ml retails for R295.95.


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  1. January 7, 2020 / 4:43 pm

    I love Avene products. I’ll have to check this sunscreen out!

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